VINCENT evolution 3

  • Higher grasping force
  • Anatomic design
  • compact, lightweight
  • Multiple sizes
  • Direct grip pattern selection
  • Tablet and App

The anatomically shaped VINCENTevolution 3 combines form and functionality in highest quality with the lowest weight in this prosthesis class.

The 6 motors allow each finger and thumb to be moved independently of each other. Each of the 14 grasps can be selected with the patented STC (single trigger control) concept with only one trigger signal. With our training app, the prosthesis user is supported in learning the intuitive control system so that the hand is easy to operate after a short period of time.

The elastic lining, the flexible arched springs and the artificial sense of touch ensure a safe, non-slip grip at all times, similar to the human hand. Tools, writing utensils and cutlery can be held easily and firmly with the new handle grasp. The index finger and the thumb always meet each other with high precision in the pinch grasp, thanks to the new kinematics. Due to the flattened fingertips, even small objects can be gripped without any problems.

Higher grasping force

A new force transmission concept significantly increases both the grasping and the carrying force of the hand.

Different wrists

Choose between these four options: the VINCENTwrist quicksnap closing system and the VINCENTwrist short (suitable for transcarpal restorations) can be used individually or combined with VINCENTwrist flexion that allows bending the wrist.

With and without gloves

Thanks to the elastic lining and the anatomical design, the prosthesis can be used with or without a cosmetic glove without any problems.

High-quality materials

Due to the combination of stainless steel and high-strength magnesiumaluminium alloy, the hand prosthesis is extremely robust and light.

Five different sizes

For the first time the VINCENTevolution is available in different sizes, which means that even very small as well as larger hands can be treated anatomically correct. The VINCENTevolution 3 (size XS) is currently the smallest and lightest multiarticulating hand with 6 motors: In combination with the transcarpal wrist, it weights only 386g (0.851lb).

Size XS S* M L* XL
length A [mm] [inches] 145 5.71 150 5.91 160 6.3 170 6.7 180 7.09
width B [mm] [inches] 65 2.36 70 2.76 75 2.95 80 3.15 85 3.35

*coming soon

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