Modular partial hand system

VINCENT partial 3 active

  • Higher grasping force
  • Lightweight & compact
  • Numerous grip patterns
  • Simple Usage
  • Modular Design
  • Individually adaptable

A prosthetic partial hand treatment is a great challenge!

With our set of differently long active fingers, frame elements in five standard widths and the active thumbs of the VINCENTpartial system, each partial hand can be optimally supplied. Alternatively, the active fingers can also be combined with the passive thumb. The following accessories are required for the prosthetic fitting:

  • Power supply system VINCENTpower
  • Control unit VINCENTcontrol
  • Sensors (compatible EMG sensors or FSR force sensors VINCENTtouch)

Secure grasping

The elastic lining, flexible bow springs and the artificial sense of touch ensure a safe, non-slip grip at all times, with the new handle grasp tools, writing utensils and cutlery can be held easily and firmly.

Higher grasping force

A new force transmission concept significantly increases both the grasping and the carrying force of the prosthesis.

High-quality materials

Due to the combination of stainless steel and high-strength magnesium-aluminium alloy, the hand prosthesis is extremely robust and light.

Simple control

Every finger and thumb is moved independently of each other with a motor, to choose between the grasps only one trigger signal is needed because of our patented STC (single trigger control) concept.

VINCENT active thumb

VINCENT active finger


Size XS S* M L* XL
B [mm] 74,7 77,7 80,8 83,8 86,8
B [in] 2.94 3.06 3.18 3.30 3.42

*coming soon

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