• Charging with USB-C
  • Flexible battery cells
  • 420mAh or 1290mAh
  • Bidirectional bandable cells
  • Leightweight, flat, flexible
  • Powerbank compatibel

The flexible rechargeable batteries are flat throughout and can be bent lengthways and widthways over their entire length. Thus, they can be optimally adapted to the anatomical shape of the shaft.

The cells are always installed in pairs and are available in two sizes, which differ in their capacity: Two small cells have a capacity of 420mAh, two large cells have a capacity of 1290mAh. The number of cells can be doubled to reach capacities of 840mAh or 2580mAh.

VINCENTchargingport USB

The USB-C charging port VINCENTcharging port serves as an on/off switch for the prosthesis. The USB-C interface allows you to conveniently charge the flexible batteries while on the move.

Due to the flat shape and the curved surface, the charging port can be easily integrated into the shape of the shaft. Alternatively, it can be installed together with a mounting frame.


The USB charger included in the package meets the strict requirements of medical technology with EN60601 approval and guarantees an optimal user safety.

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