Our newest development, the VINCENTevolution3

  • The smallest multi-articulating hand prosthesis with six motors
  • Increased grasp precision and power
  • New available grasp patterns
  • Increased life-span and less maintenance intervals through optimized design
  • Simplified intuitive control concept

VINCENT evolution 3

The newest generation. The most robust and versatile Vincent System hand prosthesis.

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VINCENT partial active

The innovative partial hand system, consisting of individually combinable single digits.

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VINCENT young 3

The new, small and light-weight myoelectric hand prosthesis for children and teenager.

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About Us

Vincent Systems

The Vincent Systems GmbH is an internationally active enterprise, dedicated to advancements in medical technology. We design and produce innovative prostheses.

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A international network of orthopedic technicians and medical partners will gladly assist you.

Clinical Partners



An orthetic assistance system actively supportig patiens with limited hand mobility.

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Bionic Hand

Interactive, bionic based body functions support for finger, hand and arm prosthesis wearer.

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